week after reading Well-Being by Tom Rath, I had the opportunity to sit with Tom and about fifteen of my colleagues over a great lunch and even better dialog. We discussed strengths, well-being, and how they can have an even greater impact on our educators, students, and communities.

Well-being is so critical in a setting like education. In fact, it is often times the difference between academic success and struggle. I would even venture to guess that patterns in the achievement back parallel a well-being gap. When Tom Rath speaks of well-being, he very much speaks of being well-rounded. You see, high well-being isn’t just about being happy or satisfied in general. It is more than that. Overall well-being pertains to job satisfaction, social life, financial security, and many other areas.

The book reaffirmed much of what I already knew about my own well-being, but certainly helped bring light to areas I have somewhat neglected. While I found value throughout each chapter, I became a true fan after engaging with Tom Rath and witnessing his passion to the idea of enhancing the performance of students, staff, and organizational leaders by focusing much more intently on strengthening total well-being.

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