The StoryStrong initiative has become far more than a part of my work day. It has become a passion. I am one of three co-leaders of this project that was born from my Leadership Fellows cohort.

StoryStrong amplifies the personal narratives of students and staff to raise student voice, build personal connections, and transform perceptions of those around us. StoryStrong aims to flip the model of student voice from one that is focused on perceived injustices to one where students lift up the experiences and people that have shaped who they are.

I have been amazed at the support my team has received throughout the process of developing this initiative. Every group, leader, and educator we have consulted wants to be involved. They see the impact this initiative can potentially have.

An innovative two-week curriculum was recently implemented into 9th grade English classes.  It focuses as much on listening as it does on personal narrative development and storytelling. A digital platform and live events are currently being developed. They will allow students and staff to share their stories with a larger audience. It is my hope that site visitors and event participants will be impacted in some way by the stories they experience. I hope they will open their minds to the possibility that the storyteller isn’t who they may have thought they were. I also hope that they will grow in understanding, empathy, and a sense of connection from that awareness.

We are still int he development phases of StoryStrong. I will continue to add updates to this blog as the initiative progresses.

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