Social media has rapidly established a significant global presence as it pertains to information distribution and digital collaboration. It crosses borders, enhances transparency, and has become a reliable source for credible entities, including public institutions such as the public school system.  Beyond its information-sharing capabilities, social media has allowed for a digital collaborative environment that engages the community in a setting where users can share ideas openly and on their time. The results are increased participation by the community, enhanced communication and transparency by the system, and a better overall partnership with the students and families we serve.

The purpose of this document is to outline a strategy for system-wide social media use. A social media initiative must be a system-wide cooperative effort that encompasses system-wide departments, schools, administrators, and must have purpose within other system educational and communication strategies.

Participating in a social media environment requires continuous diligence as it relates to understanding and soliciting new platforms, a commitment to dedicating resources, time, and personalization efforts to the initiative, and the responsibility to ensure the social and emotional well-being of those with whom we engage online as well as the community at-large.