The Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) required a dynamic new welcome to attract potential new employees.  This video aims to introduce viewers to a few current employees, students, and the terrific offerings of Howard County, Maryland.

This initiative involved a number of stakeholders within the HCPSS and beyond.  Juggling multiple sources of input and satisfying varying levels of requirements from HCPSS leadership was a critical aspect of managing this project.  The video was intended to be used for a number of years so initial script development was critical.  I instituted many creative production strategies from the use of a steady-cam in schools, a green-screen in studio, to imparting my wishes on willful schoolchildren in order to capture the perfect shot!

Post-production required heavy use of Adobe After Effects.  Multiple graphical components, overlays, and camera moves had to be done in AE with elements of Adobe Photoshop incorporated.  The final product was cut in Adobe Premiere and there were minor audio enhancements made in Adobe Audition.  The voice you hear on the narration in mine.