Since the establishment of the Department of Communications last year, we have been challenged, as a system, to embrace more effective and transparent communication strategies.  As a department, we have been tasked with leading a number of initiatives intended to enhance internal communications between staff and students as well as external communications with parents and the communities in which we serve.

Our county’s public school system is one of the top performing districts in the state and across the nation.  Our graduates find success at college, in the military, or entering the job market.  We have tremendous instructional programs beyond the classroom including athletics, fine arts, STEM, world languages, and are constantly raising the bar in student achievement.

In an effort to fulfill the Superintendent’s vision of what our school system can ultimately become, we must resist contentment and strive for constant improvement across the system.  The Department of Communications has targeted five primary objectives intended to enhance both internal and external communications.  We’re going to leverage new technologies including social media.  We’re going to facilitate far more effective communication strategies between administrators and teachers.  We’re going to put added importance on data analytics and community input to focus our initiatives.  We’re going to make it easier for the community to have a greater voice in the educational process.

We’re going to do our part to ensure that our school system becomes a world class school system.