Image result for The Tipping Point, by Malcolm GladwellThe book, The Tipping Point, explores how an idea becomes a mass movement. Malcolm Gladwell pulls from a plethora of stories that demonstrate the keys – and key people – that are the key foundation for a grassroots effort. From Paul Revere’s midnight ride, to health epidemics in our inner cities, and even the dramatic rise in popularity of Hush Puppies shoes, this book provided insights I had yet to explore.

Though I’m not necessarily interested in creating the kinds of movements explored in this book, I found myself rethinking many of the strategies that my office uses in creating a “sticky message.” Mostly, this book reinforced my belief that there is no form of communication more effective than face-to-face.

Ideas Worth Remembering:

  • It’s safe to say that word of mouth is – even in this age of mass communications and multimillion-dollar advertising campaigns – still the most important form of human communication.
  • Starting epidemics requires concentrating resources on a few key areas. The Law of the Few says that Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen are responsible for starting word-of-mouth epidemics, which means that if you are interested in starting a word-of-mouth epidemic, your resources ought to be solely concentrated on those three groups.

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