Talk Like TED, by Carmine Gallo is a book for anybody that may find themselves speaking before a group of people. You don’t have to be preparing for a TED Talk to find a plethora of useful information packed between the covers of this book.

So much of public speaking is tapping into your audience’s desire to be inspired. Whether you’re making a sales pitch, leading a meeting, or preparing for a keynote speech, inspiration is the key to selling your message. This book goes into great detail of the ways that you can make those personal connections with your audience.

Ideas Worth Remembering:

  • People cannot inspire others unless and until they are inspired themselves.
  • You need data, facts, and analysis to challenge people, but you also need narrative to get people comfortable enough to care about the community that you are advocating for. Your audience needs to be willing to go with you on a journey.
  • If you want to be quoted, tell a story, and the more personal the better.
  • Before you’re “on”, some physical preparation will boost your energy level and make a huge impact on the way your audience perceives you. It’s important to adopt some sort of physical pre-presentation ritual since movement and energy are so intimately connected.
  • Lighten up! Don’t take yourself – or your topic – too seriously. The brain loves humor. Give the audience something to smile about.
  • The rule of three simple means that people can remember three pieces of information really well; add more items and retention falls off considerably.
  • Be authentic, open, and transparent.

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