This book was a gift given to me by the Superintendent of Schools, and one that has impacted my work as much as any book I have ever read.

Image result for resonate bookI make it a practice to take detailed notes while reading a book of points that I want to remember. When a particular point really has an exceptional impact on me, I print it and it is pinned to my board. I completed reading Resonate with eight pages of typed notes and a book full of stickies!

The concepts explored in Resonate have altered my preparation and mindset when preparing for a presentation of any kind. Nancy Duarte focuses primarily on formal presentation settings in this book, but I have found that it has impacted my preparation and presentation even during staff meetings. As I propose and explore various options for promoting initiatives, engaging the community, and telling our stories with my colleagues, I find that often the difference between an idea that is widely supported and one that is not is in the initial delivery

Ideas Worth Remembering:

  • Deep connections are what make a great presentation stand out.
  • Information is static; stories are dynamic – they help an audience visualize what you do or what you believe. Tell a story and people will be more engaged and receptive to the ideas you are communicating.
  • Presentations are not to be viewed as an opportunity to prove how brilliant you are. Instead, the audience should leave saying, “Wow, it was a real gift to spend time with Brian. I’m armed with insights and tools to help me succeed that I didn’t have before.”
  • You must be willing to be you, to be real, and to humbly expose your own heart if you want the people in the audience to open theirs. You must be transparent, and this is difficult.
  • Key Takeaway: Clearly contrast who the audience is when they walk in the room (in their ordinary world) with whom they could be when they leave the room (crossing the threshold into a special world). What is versus what could be. Drawing attention to that gap forces the audience to contend with the imbalance until a new balance is achieved.

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