,204,203,200_.jpgThe New Rules of Marketing & PR, resulted in four full pages of typed notes and idea-generators for my work in communications and public engagement. Much of the book focused on public information efforts. Particularly leveraging a variety of web-based platforms to gain better traction of the message.

However, the content that had the greatest impact on me related to establishing those within the organization as genuine thought leaders. As an organization that provides a service to the community (education for their children) it is imperative that the community view the people in our organization as competent, innovative, trustworthy, and as highly effective leaders.

Though we currently leverage most of the platforms discussed in the book, I took away a number of “tweaks” to my current strategies. Strategies that feel minimal in effort, but potentially have maximum benefits to our efforts.

Ideas Worth Remembering:

  • People want authenticity, not spin.
  • Focus on the buyer and their problems. Not on our products and services.
  • We must continually measure customer engagement and improve based on what we learn.
  • Develop content that makes you or the organization an expert or trusted resource in that particular area. Do not mention your company or product at all in the content. Be a solution to the reader’s problems but do not sell our product. You are selling yourself as a leader in the industry. This, in turn, will sell the product or service.

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