It’s the Mission, Not the Mandates, by Amy Fast has become an essential resource in our efforts around re-imagining college and career ready standards. In fact, the Life Ready model being developed has, in many ways, been developed from principles found in this book.

Amy Fast is an innovative leader in education reform and her book was simply inspiring. Every teacher, administrator, and leader in education should take the time to consider the ideas presented by Amy.

Ideas Worth Remembering:

  • If teachers do not understand the purpose behind education initiatives, or worse, if they assume that the purpose behind the initiative is not ethical, then what motivation do they have to be compliant, much less fully committed?
  • Most of us would argue that successful, happy people possess much more than just academic prowess. Thus, teachers struggle to employ a curriculum that consists mostly of test preparation when many of their students are void of the basic social and intrapersonal skills – referred to often as “soft skills” – necessary to make it in life.
  • If it is true what gets measured gets our focus, then we need to ensure we are measuring what is deemed most important in our children’s education.
  • Another factor that is not often cited in the research on effective schools is that all of the effective schools nurtured trust among administrators, students, parents, and teachers through strong personal relationships.
  • College and career readiness, economic prosperity, civic responsibility, social status, and good health will be natural side effects of coming together around a nobler and more inspiring purpose; the internal drive of our students.

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