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My Resume

My professional background and experiences in effectively creating and delivering a message spans multiple disciplines and has taken many forms.  Since graduating from Frostburg State University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications with a focus on multimedia and public speaking, it was clear that my communications future would be an all-encompassing one.

It began at the turn of the century as a customer service manager in Las Vegas, NV managing public relations and personal customer service with customers, clients, and staff for a charter airline.   A few years later, and in combination of the rise of digital video, my focus turned to video and audio production generating multiple industry awards.  Now, with the infinite opportunities of new media integration, I am touching all aspects of communications and platforms for delivery as they continually expand and change the way we communicate.  Many times, these advances in technology have made our lives easier.  Others, not so much.

The limits on video inclusion into messaging has essentially dissolved and have allowed us to generate true value-added messages that attract and engage the audience.  Social media has allowed access to a younger generation and has provided opportunity for flexibility and creativity in our strategies.

However, the fast-track move to digital communications has often left purpose and message clouded and impersonal.  Messages get lost, misunderstood, or buried beneath the firestorm of competing content.

Today’s communications professionals are those that can maneuver through the various landscapes of new and existing solutions including video, social media, web development, and the all-too-forgotten face-to-face connection.

I invite you to look through my portfolio and see for yourself the experience and cross-platform understanding that I bring to the job of Communications Specialist.

Brian W. Bassett
Communications Specialist